richard avram


Artist’s Statement

Turning started out as a hobby for me when I retired 11 years ago but it has since turned into a passion. Not a passion in the sense that I am spending hours and hours in the shop everyday but a passion in the sense that I am on a constant quest to stretch my abilities and test new horizons.

I love looking at the art of others and finding inspiration for something that I have never tried before. It's satisfying to finish a piece and be happy with the result but it's even more satisfying to have someone else at an art show pick up a piece and see the beauty that was meant to be.


Selected Awards

Best of show- Northcoast and Buckeye Woodturners.  2009
1st place- Artistry in Wood online competition 2014
3rd place- West Branch, Mi Creative Arts Assoc, Fine Art Show  2016
1st place- Woodworking, Artistry in Wood, Dayton Ohio 2016
2nd best of category- Artistry in Wood, Dayton, Ohio 2016
3rd best of show- Artistry in Wood, Dayton, Ohio 2016

Selected Exhibitions

Turned and Sculpted Wood 2017, Wood Symphony Gallery,

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